Infants through potty-trained



Potty-trained through age three



Pre-K through 1st grade



2nd grade through 5th grade

Infants Through 5th Grade

Bring your child to our Children’s Ministry Check-in Table, where you and your child will receive a name tag sticker, ensuring that only you can be the one who picks them up.

Our classrooms are designed to be a loving environment for each and every child to be cared for and taught of God’s never-ending love for them. We are very thankful to have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in these young one’s lives.

Safe & Sound

We have live feed security cameras in each of our children’s ministry rooms so you can view what is happening in your child’s room in real time during the worship service.  Download the free “DLink Lite” app on your smartphone or tablet and we’ll get you logged in on Sunday morning.

We have full children’s ministries during all of our Sunday morning worship services. Infants and toddlers get checked into their rooms before the worship service starts. Kids in preschool through 5th grade stay in the worship service until the sermon starts. Right before the sermon, we bring them on stage and pray for them, then dismiss them to their age appropriate classrooms. All of this is optional. You are welcome to keep your kids with you in the worship service if you prefer, though we ask you step into our lobby if they become distracting. Teens stay in the service for the sermon.

All of our classrooms have a minimum of two adult leaders who have passed background checks.


Email our Children’s Ministry Director Debbie Green at