We want everyone to know they can approach God just as they are.

We aim to be a church where all types of people can explore this decision in a non-threatening, laid-back, and joyful environment.  We aim to follow Jesus without the extra baggage of empty religion–creating an environment where every person can come and experience Christ’s grace and love for them, and his invitation to live in a relationship with him.  Our relationship with Christ transforms us to be more like him, and in doing so, we transform the world around us.

We are a very “laid-back” and “come as you are” church. We aim to be a multi-ethnic / multi-racial / multi-cultural, anti-racist, diverse church!  We believe this is the biblical model for church and while we have a long way to go, it is one of our core values and core practices.  We love urban Lansing and desire to shine a bright light on the urban core of our city, especially focusing on the Old Town neighborhood our church is located in.


Dress is comfortable and casual: jeans, t-shirts and ball caps are perfectly acceptable. As are slacks, collared shirts and pretty much anything else. Whether you’re the “listen and contemplate” type, the “hands in the air” type, or the “furious note-taker” type – all are welcome.


At Crossroads, we believe that every person on earth is at a crossroads where they must choose to follow God or walk away from Him.



Our Small Groups were started in February 2006 and continue to be the backbone of our church. Later that year, we launched a weekly Saturday night worship gathering at Liberty Christian Church’s building. We moved to our own building as Barefoot Church on in Spring of 2008 and began our Sunday morning worship gathering. A few years and buildings later, in 2018, we purchased the building that our church gathers in today in beautiful Old Town Lansing.


At Crossroads, we are not about “going to church,” rather we are all about being the church. Too often, church becomes very similar to a movie theater experience… you walk into a big room with a lot of people you don’t know very well, you watch a good show, then you leave, all the while pretending like everything is perfect in your life.

At Crossroads, we have a weekly worship gathering where there is preaching and praising God collectively. We understand though that this large group gathering is not “church,” but rather is a piece of what church is. When we look at Acts 2:42-47, we see that the early church experienced six elements of church: teaching, socializing, eating, praying, caring for needs, and praising God. Praising God and teaching were only one third of what the church did. At Crossroads, we desire to use our Sunday morning worship services as a way of inspiring us to be the church throughout the week.

We live out “being the Church” by being in Small Groups together where we can help each other grow closer to Christ through our friendships and our study of the Bible together.  We do this through our Triads, where we meet regularly with 2 others to help each other with intensive personal growth and accountability.  We also do this through our Connect Events, which provide an easy opportunity for new people to begin building friendships with others in the church, as well as our weekly Wednesday Night Dinner and Small Groups. We bought our current building in 2018 and the move from downtown to Old Town led to a shift from Inner City Park Ministries to Community Dinners in the parking lot during the summer.