I’m New



Thanks for checking Crossroads out. We seek to be a community where you may come as you are. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and join us!

We want everyone to know they can approach God just as they are.


No matter what background you come from, what clothes you wear, and people you hang out with, we hope you feel welcome here at Crossroads.




Located in the heart of Old Town Lansing, we aim to be a multi-ethnic, multi-racial diverse church. We love urban Lansing and desire to shine a bright light on the core of our city.



At Sunday morning services you’ll find free coffee, fellowship, biblical teaching, and worship with a full band.



From infants to 5th grade, our kids ministry Footprints offers an interactive and engaging activities and age-appropriate teaching during Sunday service.



Is it okay to come if I don’t consider myself to be a Christian?
Yes! Our hope is that people just like you will find our church approachable and relate-able. We hope you can learn about Jesus without pressure or guilt.

What should I wear?
Clothes. Pretty much whatever covers you up: pajamas, shorts, ball caps, Du-rags, flip flops, jeans, khakis, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. You are welcome here, in whatever you are wearing.

Any weird visitor stuff?
Nope. Participate as you wish, and we promise we won’t embarrass you.

What should I expect for my children?
Great question. Check out our Footprints Children’s Ministry Page. We have full children’s ministries during our Sunday morning worship service. Infants and toddlers get checked into their rooms before the worship service starts.  Kids in preschool through 5th grade stay in the worship service until the sermon starts. Right before the sermon, we bring them on stage and pray for them, then dismiss them to their age appropriate classrooms (PreK-1st grade & 2nd-5th grade). All of this is optional.  You are welcome to keep your kids with you in the worship service if you prefer, though we ask you step into our lobby if they get loud. Teens stay in the service for the sermon.

Do I need to bring a Bible with me?
A: Nope! We’ll have Bibles in each chair you can use (feel free to take one home with you if you don’t own a Bible) that we’ll give you the correct page numbers every time we open to a Bible passage.  There is a lot of value to bringing your own Bible so you can write notes in it, so we encourage that as well.


If you have any other questions we haven’t answered here, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help.

We hope to see you soon!